Teaching Reviews

I believe teaching is not an individual endeavor. I have worked closely with my colleagues who teach similar courses, and with researchers to improve student learning. Below I have provided what some of my colleagues have to say about my teaching.

“Andi was very generous in sharing resources and ideas with me. I was able to observe Andi in the classroom at least five times. She commands respect through her expert knowledge of learning theories, and the way she makes it relevant to the students and their fieldwork experience. Andi is purposeful in her lesson planning – in time management, as well as the strategic questions and discussions she uses to engage her class in active processing of readings and content.”

-Verily Tan, Learning Sciences & Instructional Systems and Technology PhD Student

“Andi is one of the few AIs in our program who sought a teaching role for the experience rather than out of “need” (she had other funding options). She worked closely with her peers to continually improve her instruction and connect with her students. This involved the added burden of help to coordinate two research studies within her classroom, which are now under review for presentation at academic conferences.”

-Dr. Joshua Danish, Associate Professor of Learning Sciences



While I do not tend to assign the same value to end of course evaluations that many institutions do, I’m sure inquiring minds are interested in my students’ impressions of my courses and my teaching. Below I have provided a few excerpts from my students’ responses on course evaluations.

“I think that this class has been the most beneficial for me so far. The theories that we learned in the class were very helpful to learn about because I could definitely use them when I teach in the classroom. I learned things to do in the classroom and what not to do. I also really liked how organized the class overall was.”

“I liked how group work was regular in this course. Although we would do independent work over the theories, we would work with our groups near the end of learning about a new theory which helped clarify the theory by talking and working with peers. I really liked how Andi would provide feedback with all her grading, and also grades were actively being added to Canvas so our grade and progress was always available.”

“I liked to setting of the classroom. It did not seem as much as I was in class, but in a discussion with future teachers.”

“I most liked the workshops. While I didn’t love doing them, I think that they were very beneficial to my learning and they asked us to apply the learning for each theory. I think I gained the most and created more schemas because of my/our work in the workshops. Also, Andi seemed to always be prepared, which made me feel more comfortable and relaxed knowing that she was on top of her job and duties.”


“we do not learn for school, but for life”

Understanding first-year students' learning.